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Love to Dance?

On May 12th and 13th,

Tryout clinics for the Roaring Panthers Dance team

will be held in Gym A from 5-7 p, 

Dance Team tryouts are May 14th.

Check out the flyers in the hallways for more info!


"A short history lesson -   Ancient Greek military leaders understood that if a person was able to takedown & physically hold a man down, they would win a fight 95% of the time.  Understanding this, they invented the sport of wrestling to train and test who the best warriors were without permanently harming each other.    

For decades, combat sports like boxing, karate, jiu-jitsu and others have collectively argued which fighting style is superior.  If you take a look at the UFC champions over the past 10 years, the ancient Greeks were correct.  Most UFC champions' primary background comes from wrestling.    The UTHS wrestling coaches want to encourage all students interested in the military and those wanting to learn self-defense, to join the wrestling team.  Email or see Coach Fotos if interested."