Robocall 8/7/22

Good evening UTHS and UTEC students.

Thank you for a great start to the school year. This information is in regards to after school activity bus, school pictures, student services updates, and Freshman Welcome Night

Students, please check your email for all of the new school year information from the Deans' office. It includes information on tardies, dress code, cell phone usage, and other policies.

Yearbook picture days will be as follows: UTEC students are on August 9th at UTEC, Freshmen are on August 10th, Sophomores and Juniors are on August 11th, and Seniors are on August 12th. Portraits will be used in the yearbook and will be available for purchase through the Photographic Arts website.

Parents and guardians of the Class of 2023, Photographic Arts has changed the senior portrait taking process. Seniors may get their pictures taken at UT during school hours on Friday, August 12th free of charge. A second option comes with a fee and requires an appointment at the Photographic Arts studio in Moline. Studio sessions vary in price and range from $60 to $145. The studio session deadline is September 23rd. You can call Photographic Arts at 309-762-6662 to book a session.

Did you know that UT has after school activity buses? Students are required to have a pass to ride these buses, which they can get from their club or activity sponsor. We have buses at 4:15 and 5:15 PM. The buses do not drop directly at your house, but instead at a public location in various spots throughout the district. For more information on stops visit under "parents" and "busing information". Additionally, MetroLINK is providing free rides to all K-12 students going to or from school. Students need to have their ID to ride both the UT or MetroLINK bus.

This Thursday is Freshman Welcome Night from 5:30-8:30 PM. We will begin in the Auditorium. All freshman families need to attend, as we share school services and provide the opportunity for families to meet the teaching staff.

Thanks and have a great evening!