Students, during break UTHS offers Intersession Grade Recovery.  If you are interested in the opportunity to recover a grade, please speak with your classroom teacher.

"Our fall play, The Plot, Like Gravy, Thickens opens this weekend! This hilarious show follows a playwright as he attempts to write a murder mystery. Follow along and decide if you can figure out who the killer is! The really fun part happens at the beginning of the second act when the audience can question the suspects in real time! This isn't something you will want to miss. Shows are Friday at 7pm, Saturday at 7pm and Sunday at 2pm in the auditorium. Tickets are $8 for adults and $5 for students. Come and support your Panther Players!"


Attention UT students and Fellowship of Christian Athletes: The Geneseo High School FCA huddle would like to invite UT students and UT FCA members to the Geneseo High School's Fields of Faith on Wednesday, October 5th at 6:45pm at Geneseo High School's football field. This is a great opportunity to join students from other area high schools who share a common faith for a fun night of games and personal testimonies.   Learn more at

β€œStudent council will be having its next meeting tomorrow, September 29th in the gallery. We will be talking all about our Student Hunger Drive event. Hope to see you there!”


"Black Hawk College is hosting their 3rd annual First Responders and Criminal Justice Career Exploration event on October 28th. If you are interested in learning more, see the counseling office" 

Capri College is having their Halloween Career Day again on Friday, October 14th 9-11:30.  Watch special effects make-up demons and explore beauty and wellness programs.  You must RSVP!  For more information, see the Counseling Office.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something Unity Point Health is looking for volunteers. They are looking for help in areas such as the lobby, gift shop, emergency department, surgical waiting area, floral and special events. Stop by the Counseling Office for more information.


"There will be a Girls Soccer Meeting today Thursday, September 29th, after school in the Gallery. We will be going over off-season conditioning, workouts, and open gyms. If you have any questions please contact Coach Davila or Coach Frost."

 This Friday the UTHS football team plays at Moline.  Moline has a strict "no ID no entrance" policy.  Students, if you plan to attend the game make sure you bring your UTHS ID.

There will be no Freshman/Sophomore open gym today after school Coach Webber


The following portion of announcements are emails Mr. Wright has received from community members in the past week.  Thank you for the way you are representing UT in the community.  Someone is ALWAYS watching.
This first email was sent about Student Council and Interact.
"Hello Mr. Wright.  l am with the QC Marathon.  On Sunday we had groups from Student Council and Interact Club.  They were involved with the Post Party clean up all day.  Let's start off with they were an amazing group of young men and women.  They kept the area looking great.  We had a lot of compliments about them from
other committee chairs that  were at the Post Party area.  You should be proud of them 😊.

This has been the second year I have worked with them and they are amazing!  I would also like to thank Jill, Stacey, and Rose for helping and taking time to help recruit kids. They also showed up to volunteer πŸ˜Š.    This is a great community event for the Quad Cities and without volunteers we would not be successful."

This second email was sent from a community member after Friday's Homecoming activities.
"Good afternoon.

I apologize for taking some of your time on a Friday afternoon with this message and my husband always tells me I'm weird when I do this but I wanted to reach out to you about some of your football players today.

I am a mother of a 3 & 4 year old who wanted McDonalds today for lunch. Just after 1230 we rolled into their parking lot and my 4 year old asked if we could go inside.  We shuffled along to order our Happy Meals. Upon going inside I realized how many of the team also thought it was a good idea to eat there today. I immediately start to worry about my children hearing certain words that I will have to remind them not to repeat or them being clobbered by people double or triple their size.

I'm pleased to say none of that happened. Your players held the door open for us upon going in and leaving.  They made space for us in line and I never heard anyone use language I wouldn't want my children to hear. My son asked about their jerseys and when I explained they play football he instantly had a sparkle in his eye and said he wanted to play, too. I'm glad that my kids have good role models in town to look up to and I appreciate them for being so kind to a random stranger in McDonalds trying to wrangle 2 toddlers and Happy Meals. 
Please pass along my thanks to them and your staff!"
As a Principal it is nice to  receive emails like this.  I just want to say thank you to all who conducted themselves in this fashion in our community.  It has a massive impact that is hard to comprehend.  Thank you.