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Principal's Welcome

We at UTHS would like to welcome all of our incoming and current students as well as their families, our alumni, and the community. At UT we have worked extremely hard to create the most welcoming, inclusive, and caring environment for our students.

As an organization we have continued to evolve and strive to continually improve. One area we have dedicated a large focus on is in our student supports. We have added clubs, tutoring, school-based therapy counselors, school counselors, activities, a Multi-Tiered System of Supports Team to connect students with resources, and the UT Cares room in just the last few years. In addition to establishing these supports we have also focused on expanding our programming and offering for our students, increasing the amount of Dual Credit and AP courses offered.

One thing I want to urge all of our students to do is to get involved. We have many, many clubs, activities, athletics, and extra-curriculars to be a part of. Doing so will enrich your school experience beyond belief and will hopefully add to making your time here a rewarding one.

I would like to close by talking about our staff. I have never witnessed a harder working and dedicated group of people. We truly care about our students here. When faced with educating and caring for students I would put our staff up against any school in the state or the country. They are a group of passionate, compassionate, deliberate, and tenacious educators.

Welcome to UTHS! We hope your 4 years here are amazing!