Where is the Area Career Center located?  The Area Career Center is located at United Township High School in East Moline, Illinois.


Who may attend the Area Career Center?  Any junior or senior who attends a participating school is eligible to attend the Area Career Center.  Participating schools include; Alleman, AlWood, Geneseo, Moline, Orion, Riverdale, Rock Island, Rockridge, Sherrard and United Township.


If a student is interested in attending the Area Career Center or wants to know more

about the ACC, what should he or she do?  The student should contact their counselor at

their home high school and fill out an Area Career Center application.


When will classes start and how long will they last?  Most outlying students attend class at the Area Career Center in the afternoon from approximately 1:20 to 3:00 p.m.  There are some exceptions.  Please see your counselor or contact the Area Career Center for the exact times.


How will a student travel to and from the Area Career Center?  In most cases, the student will travel to the Area Career Center by school bus provided by the home school.  The student’s home school will decide if other types of transportation arrangements are permissible.


How will a student earn graduation credit while attending the Area Career Center?  A student will earn two and a half credits per year in most courses at the Area Career Center.  The Area Career Center will certify to the student’s home school how many credits that student has earned.  The home high school will use those credits as part of his/her graduation requirements.


Which school calendar do I follow, the Area Career Center’s or my home school’s? Students are expected to attend Area Career Center classes whenever they are in session.  Because not all school calendars are the same, throughout the school year there will be days when students may attend the ACC and not their home school or vice versa.


How will I benefit by attending the Area Career Center?  The Area Career Center offers many courses/programs not normally taught at the individual’s participating high school.  The Area Career Center offers instruction in very well equipped labs by instructors who are experts in their area.  In addition the Area Career Center has a number of programs that take place off campus with its business partners.