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Busing Information

You can locate the BUS ROUTE for your student in skyward family access by clicking on the busing tab. For LATE BUS information, see the bottom of this page.
Below click on the correct route to find the best time and place for your student to catch bus to school.
Some routes use same bus numbers as other routes but run at different times, so disregard the 12:00 am time in Skyward Family Access.
Always default to the times and locations listed in the route below.
If you have questions on what is the correct route for your address, call Pam Curless at 309-752-1682 or [email protected]

The late bus departs UT at 4:15 and 5:15 PM every school day Monday-Friday.


Late bus EAST:
1.  8th St & Ave of the Cities Silvis
2.  10 Th St & 17th Ave Silvis
3.  10th St & Crosstown Ave Silvis
4.   Hospital Rd & Crosstown Ave Silvis
5.   St. Giuseppe's Pizza
6.   Warren Heights Entrance
7.   Porkies
8.   Silvis Mart
9.   Blackhawk Bank
10. Schadt Park
11. 12th St. & 8th Ave Silvis
12. Silvis Jewel
13. Loma Linda
14. Eagle Ridge School
15. Mansur Woods Office
16. Caseys CC
17. Colona DQ
18. 7th Ave & 6th St Colona
19. Colona Big 10
20. TPC- Golf Course Entrance
21.  Barstow Fire Station if needed
Late bus WEST:
1.Fields of Pizza parking lot
2.Wells School
3.Christ The King Church
4.Hungry Hobo Lot Kennedy Sq. EM
5.Walgreens Kennedy Drive
7.Ih Credit Union Kennedy Dr.
8.Runners Park 15th Ave EM
9.Metro Link Hub
10. Big 10 Mart 13th St EM
11. UAW Hall 19th St EM
12. Laundromat 19th St EM
13. Campbells Island Entrance
14. Porters Hampton
15. 8th Ave 4th St.
16. 12th Ave 4th St.
17. 40th St & 4th Ave EM (Babcock)
18. Falcon Farms if needed