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Yearbook Snap App

The UTHS Skyline Staff Needs Your Help!

In an effort to include ALL UT Panthers in this year’s yearbook, please send us the amazing selfies and pictures that you take on a daily basis, in and out of school. We want to experience the life of a teenager and high schooler through your eyes and photographs! Of course, pictures are subject to approval and need to be tasteful and school appropriate. We will use as many pictures as we can, but we cannot guarantee all submissions will be included in the book. Please, do not get upset if your picture(s) are not used. Consider helping us out by submitting your pictures to the YEARBOOK SNAP APP today! 

YEARBOOK SNAP APP                                                                         

school code: UTHS SKYLINE           


  1. Download the Yearbook Snap app
  2. Select school name: United Township High School
  3. School Code: UTHS SKYLINE (all caps with space)
  4. Photo Topic: All other photos
  5. Select and Upload up to 5 pictures at a time. 
  6. Please add a “note” for each picture including NAME(S) and EVENT/DESCRIPTION of picture. Then SAVE and CONTINUE.
  7. Provide your first and last name and email address. Then SUBMIT PHOTOS. 

* You need to provide your personal information only with the initial sign- up. The app will continue to ask for this, but your information will remain even though it shows as blank spaces.

8. When pictures have been submitted, you will see a prompt stating the process is complete.